HI-3818 Carbon Dioxide test kit Hanna Instrument Romania

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Carbon dioxide test kit 1 Box

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HI-3818 Carbon Dioxide test kit Hanna Instrument Romania

Carbon Dioxide as the CO2 test kit

In nature, lakes and rivers contain carbon dioxide test kit HI3818 in concentrations smaller than 10 mg/L (or ppm), however, stagnant or contaminated water can contain higher concentrations because of organic decomposition. This creates a problem for fish farming applications.

Titration method – Range (0.0-10.0 mg/L) (0.0-50.0 mg/L) (0-100 mg/L) Wide range.

The Carbon dioxide can be measured quickly and safely with the HI-3818 carbon dioxide test kit. During testing, when a color change is achieved, under careful conditions – usually using a burette – the reagent is added, drop by drop, until the solution turns clear. The user will then count how many drops of reagent were used to achieve complete color dispersal. The number of drops used will determine the chemical concentration and results can be found in the manual included.

However, this compact, portable kit allows the user the option of field or laboratory use. The design makes the kit easy to handle and, except for the Carbon Dioxide reagent, practically prevents accidental injury or damage due to spills.

Carbon dioxide (as carbonic acid) in the water sample is neutralized with a dilute sodium hydroxide solution to a pH of 8.3 using a phenolphthalein indicator. This process converts carbonic acid to sodium bicarbonate.

Kit supplied with

  • 10ml phenolphthalein indicator, 120ml carbon dioxide reagent, 10 ml calibrated vessel, 50ml calibrated vessel, and calibrated syringe.

This test kit provides approximately 110 tests.


Method Titration
Range 0.0-10.0 mg/L
0.0-50.0 mg/L
0-100 mg/L
Smallest Increment 0.1 mg/L
0.5 mg/L
1 mg/L
Chemical Method Phenolphthalein
Number of Tests approx. 110
Weight 460 g



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